Madness and Machines

The woman behind the Mask. Video editor, Artist, and all around odd person.

Another collab between Dunc and myself! These are really fun!

sketch and lines (top) done by dunc and colour and shade done by me.

Inspired by this

Shock gloves
Added to a pair of rubber lined gloves this new stun weapon is part of 42s arsenal now (I found a fun new lightning shooter in the modpack) SO here it is.

Shock gloves

Added to a pair of rubber lined gloves this new stun weapon is part of 42s arsenal now (I found a fun new lightning shooter in the modpack) SO here it is.

Today in the lab…..

"*laughs at the other anon's comment* Ah now we're just getting confusing. Even I'm confused. Aren't you? *they turn to 42* This is probably quite upsetting. I apologize. Perhaps you ought to wake up now? *they remove the mask and push 42's chair back, smiling*"

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42:Why are there voices, why are there so many voices, Why are you *the chair is tipped back and she slams down hard onto the floor blacking out*

*she wakes on her restraining tables in her genetics lab in a cold sweat and a racing heart*

(Thank you everyone for the questions this was super fun!)

"wake up!"

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42: But you are standing in front of me? These bindings… *pulls at them*

"you're dreaming"

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42: *frowns and shakes her head* What?!

"You care about them, don't you? You're so... reserved. Quiet. Blunt, even. Defensive. That's the word. You must worry, then. To be so protective. *they lean forward, not noticing the hood sliding back farther* What would you do if they died?"

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42: *Tries to throw herself forward in a failed attempt to headbutt them, misses and just hangs her head after hurting herself in the attempt* I would make those who where responsible understand what they had done, they would learn what it meant to truly regret and I would make them beg. *looks up at them*

What have you done… 

This is very amusing. However I know who is going the more RP like asks, Don’t be afraid to ask anything else! this is an out of cannon event that Im playing around with so have fun asking :)

"*pulls a chair from the other side of the room and sits before 42* Preserve? Hm. That reminds me, of how protective you are of your crew. *silently rubs their gloved hands together* I wonder what they would say about you."

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42: *takes a breath and relaxes slightly* How do you expect me to rank “protectiveness”. Perhaps /very/ is an appropriate way? They are the ones who would stand by me and I do the same.

"Irrelevant? 42, you're no fun. *runs their hand along the back of 42's mask, threatening to pull it off* What do you have to hide, dear? No one is going to hurt you. Like I said. We want answers."

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42: *tenses up and goes still as her hand runs along the back of the mask* I have nothing to hide and everything to preserve. You are also wrong, Everyone can and will hurt anyone, and if you pull that mask off I promise you you will be first on my list.

"*taps the back of the chair* Oh really. That's quite the interesting answer. *pulls back the hood slightly, revealing a strange mask* Now, perhaps we should dig a little deeper. Do you think you'll ever be in love?"

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42: Love is irrelevant to my studies. Why would I bother? 

*it is very clear now that you are lucky she wears a mask or else see would have spit in anger at you by now*

"What are your plans for Pi_TEC, do you intend to make them living experiments like you wanted Py to be?"

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42: I have no plans for Pi_TEC, unless you mean the Doctor Pi. She is an interesting woman but not worth my scientific study as you suggest. I am no psychiatrist. As for Py, an Eye for and Eye leaves the whole world blind, it is a good thing I can see in the dark hmm?

*watches them pace around her*

"*giggles from behind the mask* There are many of us, 42. We don't enjoy your suffering. We enjoy /information/. I thought you would be agreeing! Why, an opportunity like this comes but once in a lifetime! *the hooded figure steps forward, circling the chair 42 is bound to* Now, would you do the same if you were in my place?"

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42: *pulls at the bindings harder keeping her eyes directly on the figure* No I would have then face me and know who was about to kill them. *tries to stand but finds the chair nained to the floor* BAH

"Ah, 42. A heartless bastard? Really? You don't even know who I am. But as long as you're here, and as long as you're filled with truth syrum, I might as well make use of it. Wouldn't you?"

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42: *growls from behinds her mask, tugging at the bindings her glare so peircing you wonder why the wall behind you has not melted*

"For whatever reason there was some disaster, your castle was falling, and you could only save one person + yourself, who would you save?"

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42: *takes a breath* The first person I saw of course. It is only logical that I waste no time skipping over someone to find another. If I take the first then I might be able to save more.

Are you planning to attack my castle… is this what this is all about? Untie me!